Muslim Women In S.T.E.M Episode 26 With Sobia Hussain A Creative Entrepreneur


This week's Episode with Sobia Hussian from The Olive Tree Soap company is unlike the previous episodes of the Muslim Women In S.T.E.M because  Sobia is not in a traditional S.T.E.M. field she is a creative entrepreneur and mom who loves S.T.E.M. and found her own way to be a part of this movement of Women in S.T.E.M. Sobia's soap making takes a lot of knowledge, hard work, and creativity not to mention careful calculations and mixing ingredients to make the perfect all Natural organic soaps.

Soap Making and STEM-related Discovery Workshops

Sobia Hussain is a creative entrepreneur and freelance writer based in Toronto, Canada. She founded The Olive Tree Soap Company, a halal/vegan artisan skin care brand in 2011. The chemistry of soap making was what drew her to this art. Passionate about science and art, she found a way to merge her two interests to benefit others. Sobia also runs STEAM-related Discovery Workshops for children to help them tap into their inner talents through explorations in art and science.

We had a great chat about how she combined both her passions as well as

  • How she got started in Soap making

  • How she started S.T.E.A.M. related workshops for homeschooling kids.

  • What role did Chemistry play in Soap making

  • Her advice for women who want to start a new career or start creative projects


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