Salams and Hello! Welcome to Naptime Is Sacred! My name is Fousia Abdullahi and I am a podcast producer/host and pharmacy technician based in Texas where I live with my husband and our four children. In a series of conversations, I share stories of Muslim women from all over the world. You'll hear the stories of interesting, accomplished and amazing Muslim women authors, bloggers, entrepreneurs, nutritionist, and so many more. These stories will give you the tools to you need to not only be inspired but to give you tangible steps towards personal, professional growth and development. We may take different paths, with different obstacles we each have to overcome, but our voices, our successes, and our individual stories are something to CELEBRATE and share. I’ve always loved speaking with people and podcasting is a great way to provide a platform to share the stories of women to inspire people all over the world. When I’m not being mom,working or podcasting you can usually find me reading, and drinking insane amounts of coffee and tea.