Diversity In Children's Books Episode 27: With Guest Rahma Rodaah Author


We are so happy to share this new episode with you. Todays Show is with Guest Rahma Roodah Author of Muhiima's Quest.

Rahma tells us a little about herself and why she wrote Muhiima's Quest.

I have always been an avid reader and I wrote stories, poems and journal entries in my spare time. But I never thought being an author was a career choice I could make. But when I became a mother I naturally passed on my passion for books to my children and began to read to them at a very early age.

As they got older it became harder and harder to find books that contain both our spiritual beliefs as well as our rich laced heritage. I could either find a book with African children as main characters or books with Islamic teachings but rarely did I find a book with both.Then one day I thought well if I cant find an option I will have to create a solution. It is with that thought that I wrote my first picture book titled: Muhiima's Quest.

It's been a long journey in self-publishing world but Alhamdulilah it is now available on Amazon: 


My goal for writing this book is to increase the visibility of African Muslim characters in children book literature. I am currently working on my second picture book which will be published in January 2018. I'm also hoping to create workshops and talks surrounding the importance of diversity books for our children.

In this episode, we talked about 

  • Why Diversity in Children's Books is so important and how Rahma's own experience played a part in her story.

  • Why as women we need to take time for our personal Growth and passions in life

  • Tips and advice about self-publishing.

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