Author Interview with Shoohada Khanom Author of 'Kamillah The Butterfly


Shoohada Khanom is British Muslim Author and mom. She has four books coming out today and mashallah we got a chance to discuss her First Book 'Kamillah The Butterfly'on the podcast.

I got to read Kamillah the butterfly and I really loved the message of the book, that we all look different and change but we are all beautiful and this message was specially sent home for the kids because it tied in how Allah created us all in different colors and sizes.

As a Muslim mom always in search of books that are entertaining but also send a positive message that includes our faith this book hit all the right notes mashaAllah.

in this episode, we talked also talked about

  • How Shoohada got started in writing

  • Where does she get inspiration for her stories

  • What is her writing process

  • How did she come up with the idea for Kamillah The Butterfly

  • Details about her three other books Who could I be? Imagen and Little blue Skater boy

  • Her advice for anyone who is thinking about writing

  • What is Shoohada working on next

Here is where you can purchase the books:

Amazon Paperback links

Here are the links for the eBooks and their direct link to the publishers' website

Kamillah the butterfly :


Little Blue Skater Boy:

Who Could I Be?

Also all the books can be purchased on .

Connect with Shoohada on

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