Episode 35 With Guest Kulsoom Kazim- Life Coach Identifying limiting beliefs


Topic: Why it is important to identify limiting beliefs, become confident and comfortable with yourself prior to getting married. The main idea is that you have to BECOME the person that you want to marry so focus on that and marriage will eventually happen.

  • Community and Societies impact on the Single Muslim women mental and emotional health.

  • Becoming the best version of yourself before you look for the “perfect guy"

  • How to become confident by turning negative affirmations into positive affirmations

  • Self-Care tips before marriage

  • Having an open and clear conversation with family about your preference for marriage.

Kulsoom graduated from York University with a degree in Psychology and is currently completing her Islamic degree at Mishkah University. She is also a high-performance coach and a motivational speaker. She does one on one coaching sessions with women who want to achieve various results in their life. She also does courses and programs to address the different struggles that women are facing, some of which include marriage, divorce, confidence, self-worth, relationship with Allah and youth based workshops. Her aim is to make a difference in this world and assist people in becoming the best version of themselves. She has had many clients who can testify to her commitment to serving others.

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