#tbt Thoughts to my younger self

This is one of the new segments I’m working on for you guys throwback Thursday audio thoughts to my younger self.

Today’s throwback thoughts are to my younger self a young Fousia who was always an anxious child I think anytime when you immigrate from your own country at a young age and there’s a lot of uncertainty about your life you kind of have to in away reinvent your new normal.

So to that little girl who came from a very warm country and to snow and I am learning a new language making new friends and being away from most of your family that you grew up with I would say to her that all of that anxiety that you have to build up all of that stress of not knowing what life is going to be calm and having to be strong so that you don’t you know for the stress out everyone around you.

I would say it’s going to be OK you’re going to grow up to be a good person you’re gonna grow up to be someone who has build up resilience but at the same time.

I would say don’t be shy to ask for help don’t think that you’re always going to burden people with your your fears your your anxieties your stress the things that are bothering you-you will be a lot better off if you share those thoughts with people and think about what makes you happy instead of thinking about what makes other people happy or the fact that you have to put on when something happens to you and you’re afraid to share it because you don’t know how people are going to respond to all of that stress and anxiety and everything that you’ve got built up the unknowns that are coming your way and that you’re really worried about.

I would say just face them head on and do the best that you can and reach out to someone and say you know I’m scared it’s OK to be scared because once you sure that you knew she put those thoughts out there you’ll be able to move on from them in a more productive way instead of shoving all those feelings down on you’ll be able to figure out next steps how are you going to help yourself what are you going to do next so you know these are Thursday thoughts with Fousia.

I hope you guys enjoyed them if you’d like to share your own Thursday thoughts send them my way through the contact page on naptimeissacred.com or using the email tab on my Instagram page and I will share them on the podcast.

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