Episode 34 with Idil Farah Nutritionist Fast Don't Feast

Idil Farah is a Nutritionist who is passionate about helping women focus on eating nourishing and regenerating foods that promote health. Her approach is not confined to food and is more of a holistic one. She tries to help her clients reach optimum health by bringing balance back to all the different areas of their life.
Idil and I discussed her holistic lifestyle and how she learned to heal her gut with nutrients.
Ramadan Is here and she shares how she has prepared for it a month in advance
"Fast Don’t Feast”
In this episode we discussed
*Healthy eating
*Month of self-regulation
*Time for ibadah
*Regenerate body.
Rapid Fire Questions
*Invisibility or Super Strength?
*Place you most want to visit
*Say a word in Spanish?
*Whats for dinner tonight?
*Climb a mountain or jump from a plane?
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You can email Idil at nutrition@idilsworld.com
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