Episode 18 with Amran Abdi Author of 'The Rainbow Hijab'


Amran Abdi is young Somali mother and childcare educator. She has recently self-published her first children’s book 'The Rainbow Hijab’

It follows the tale of a young girl named Amira who upon losing her hijab uncovers the value her colorful companion holds, it boosts the morale of muslim girls and in addition clears up misconceptions that surround the hijab.

We spoke about

  • Why Amran decided to write a children’s book.

  • Her experience learning about self-publishing

  • Her tips and advice for any young muslim sisters who want to self-publish.

  • What she has coming up next

You can find Amran's Book on Amazon worldwide.

Connect with Amran on her Social media and Website

FB: https://www.facebook.com/amran.abdi.33

insta: amran.mohamud.abdi

website: www.amranabdi.com

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