Episode 17: Hena Zuberi: Wife, Mom, Writer, Activist


The purpose of Nap Time is Sacred is to share stories of amazing Muslim women. We hope to inspire and motivate other women pursue their own passions and personal growth.

All of the Guests of the Naptime Is Sacred Podcast have taught us, inspired us, and motivate us to do just that, and this episode is no different. Hena Zuberi has outlined some excellent points on how to live your life in service to your children but also how to lead by example and teach your children to be in service to humanity.

Hena Zuberi is a mom of 4 kids and the Editor-in-Chief of MuslimMatters.org. She is also a Staff Reporter at the Muslim Link newspaper, which serves the DC Metro. Hena has worked as a television news reporter and producer for CNBC Asia and World Television News which is now the AP.

Not only is she a busy working mom, but Hena wears multiple hats in her community. In this episode she shares:

*Her career and how she got started in writing.

*Her advice for muslim women who are becoming journalists, reporters, and social media influencers.

*How she managed her work and kids during the time her husband started med school (which required across country move without having any Friends and Family to help her in her new city).

*How she raised her kids to be in service to their community regardless of religion or color.

You can find some of Hena's Articles at

You can find some of Hena's Articles at http://muslimmatters.org/author/hena/

Muslimmatters.org is an online magazine Follow them on Facebook http://facebook.com/MuslimMatters and Twitter http://twitter.com/MuslimMatters

http://www.muslimlinkpaper.com a monthly print and online newspaper distributed throughout the greater Washington and Baltimore Metropolitan region.

Social Media For Hena and Muslim Matters:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HenaZuberi


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