Episode 009 MUHSEN with Joohi Tahir


Guest Joohi Tahir Executive Director of MUHSEN. Over the span of her 20 year career, Joohi Tahir has had vast exposure in the field of Sales & Marketing across a wide variety of industries.Aside from her corporate, professional accomplishments, her personal passion to advocate for Muslims with Disabilities has led to her appointment as Executive Director of a revolutionary nonprofit organization founded by Sh. Omar Suleiman called MUHSEN: Muslims Understanding & Helping Special Education Needs. With her own family and daughter being affected by disability, she started with small community initiatives, talks, and support groups, leading up to speaking to our Scholars about the need for our communities to be more aware and be made more accessible for our loved ones with Disabilities.

The Goal of MUHSEN is to provide a “Special Friendly” environment and build “Masjids of Ihsan” which will be welcoming environments for all. Whether physical, neurological or cognitive disability, we are collectively responsible for caring for these individuals. As a leader of this organization, Joohi advocates and markets the needs for which MUHSEN will build programs and services across N. America. With these efforts, MUHSEN strives to eventually re-mosque so many families who have become un-mosqued through Awareness, Accommodation and Acceptance for all, now serving a very underserved new market and being their voice. Joohi lives outside Chicago, IL with a very supportive husband and is the busy mother of three daughters.

In this episode we discussed

*What MUHSEN is all about and how she became involved with starting the organization.

*What types of services and material does Muhsen provide for communities.

*How can masjids and community members make the masjid more user friendly for disabled and special needs members.

*What are some tips you have for parents that will help them teach their kids about how to properly engage with disabled and special needs kids.

*How can we help Mushen continue to their amazing work for the disabled and special needs community.

Website: www.muhsen.org Facebook: www.facebook.com/MUHSENOrg/ Twitter: twitter.com/MUHSENORG **Donate to Muhsen muhsen.org/donate/