Episode 37 What is vaginal steaming and how can it improve feminine health with Sabrina


Sabrina is an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Vaginal Steam Facilitator based in Wisconsin. After going through her own journey of fertility issues, menstrual cycle issues and postpartum anxiety, she decided to further her studies in women's health so that she could help others witness their own healing naturally as she did. Her in-person and online practice is dedicated to women's health, specifically menstrual health and wellness. She offers holistic health coaching services as well as education both in-person and online. Sabrina believes that the health and happiness of women has great potential to heal the world, which lights up her passion for serving women! 

This episode is all about what Ayurveda is, what is vaginal steaming and what exactly is used in the process. how we can take control of our vaginal feminine health through knowledge and practices like vaginal steaming. Also, what are some of the signs someone might benefit from V steaming? What kind of screening would a practitioner do to make sure you're a viable candidate for steaming.

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