#TBT thoughts to my younger self, Spending time with the people who actually matter

Spending time with the people who actually matter.

I think as a teen or a young kid your friends can become your life and building a relationship with your sibling goes on the back burner. I get it your young and free and you think you have all the time in the world, but think about all the years you will miss out on with your siblings. I know now that I'm married and have my own kids, I feel like I missed out on a lot of time with my siblings I only realized after I moved away from home that my parents and siblings know me better than I know even myself sometimes and I wish I made more time for them back then instead of just being focused on school, work and my social life.

I think the same way we got into our cliques and spent more time out of the house back than now we are doing that with social media. It's like being home but not really being there because we're focused on living online than connecting with the people in our lives. I know that we are more likely to text than make a call which is great for staying in touch daily. but I’m talking more about real in-person interactions.

Also, your online life can spill over on to your real life. It's nice to meet new people and build relationships with like-minded people online but they’re just that online. In the real world your parents/ siblings need a text call, a visit, your kids need you to play pass outside, your real life friends will like a ladies night out and your spouse wants to have a conversation with you without your phone in your hand

In today's world that’s so full of distractions and where being busy is idolized. we need to come up for air and really live our lives in a fulfilling way. beyond the glitz and glamor of social media where we are constantly bombarded by everyone's highlight reel.  Make the intention to set aside time to disconnect daily and have real human interactions. 

I hope you guys enjoyed these TBT thoughts to my younger self.

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