001 - Hafsa Taher - From IT Analyst to Her Own Business


Episode 001 - Naptime is Sacred Podcast

Today we're joined by Hafsa Taher. She is a full time IT Analyst who also runs her own business creating gifts and craft kits for Muslims. She is best known for providing her customers with high quality, and thoughtful products.

In this episode we discuss:

*How she went from being in the IT industry to starting her creative gift business.

*Who was her biggest supporter and what’s the best advice she was given.

*What tips she had for sisters who want to start their own business but don’t know where to start or are hesitant because of fear.

* Gifts to give when someone suffers the loss of a loved one to help him or her with their grief.

You can find Hafsa’s beautiful creations as well as her Feature in Sisters Magazine:http://naptimeissacred.com/uploads/ArtfulMuslimah.pdf



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