My Self-Care Fail, And How we can take better care of ourselves.


The importance of self care:

For those of you who don't know me, I'm a Somali- Canadian Mom of 4 kids living in Texas. I've been a wfhm for the past 5+ years as a Virtual Assistant. I've learned the hard way that juggling family, work, and hobbies can take a toll on health if you dont make time to de-stress and take care of of yourself. This episode is about my latest self-care fail and tips I hope will help us busy women get and STAY healthy.

* Story of that time I ignored the pain in my shoulder for a week and ended up in the ER.

* Women are first Responders to other people's problems but last to help themselves.

* 8 Self Care tips for busy Women.

1. Exercise regularly

2. Take Deep Breaths (oxygenate)

3. Get outside (new surroundings)

4. Make healthy food choices

5.take a Chill pill

6. Get vitamin D,Natural sunlight or even supplements if recommended by Doctor.

7.Sunnah Naps: cat naps to re-engerize

8.Self Date: Be alone with your thoughts by disconnecting from other ppl and doing something you enjoy alone.