Episode 32 With Guest Nobera Chowdhury Counsellor and Life Coach: Emotional Self-Care.


Nobera Chowdhury is a Counsellor and Life Coach. She assists stressed, unhappy, burnt out Muslim women who want to discover a way to manage their anxiety, frustration, and feelings of depression by taking charge of their life so they can build a life and the relationships that they dream of. She is also the co-author of an ebook called, "From Burnout to Bliss: A Muslim Woman's Guide to Self Care". She has worked with hundreds of women from around the world for 10+ years to learn, heal and grow through one on one counseling and life coaching as well as online and live workshops.

*What is emotional self-care?

*Why is it so important for us to practice emotional self-care?

*How do we change cultural mindset on self-care?

*How do you step back from the negativity in your life? 

*What did Nobera Choose Counseling Coaching as her career?

Make the choice to improve your quality, and you take the steps to achieve that. We can’t continue to put the outcome of our lives in other people’s hands. 

How do we support our friends.?

Talk to your friends about how they are doing. You really have to ask how they feel the situations and don’t jump in by sharing our own experience. 

Offer to help them and follow through. 

Encourage friends to seek help by speaking to a professional. Support them and let them know that it’s ok to talk someone. 

Its ok to invest in your emotional Self-Care

Nobera's self-care habits

  • Going to the Gym

  • See friends regularly

  • Healthy quality with Spouse and family

  • Working, doing what she loves to bring her joy.

  • Saying no more often

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