Podcast Episode 29 Destigmatizing Mental Health In The Muslim Community With Guest Saadia Z. Yunus, MA, LMFT


Saadia Z. Yunus, MA, LMFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist and certified clinical trauma professional.  She earned her Masters degree in marriage and family therapy summa cum laude from Hofstra University in New York.  She has extensive experience working with individuals, couples, families, and groups. Her passion is to engage with people on a personal level to uplift them into discovering the best version of themselves, and living life based on their principles and values.  In addition to therapy, she achieves this through motivational presentations and workshops throughout the country.

Saadia Yunus is a graduate of the Institute of Islamic Sciences and a teacher of the Quran.  She is a mental health columnist for The Message International magazine and is also an active part of the organization Muslimahs of Long Island.  In addition to managing her own private practice, she is a therapist for ICNA Relief USA.

It was a pleasure speaking with Saadia mashaAllah, here is what we spoke about in this episode:

  • How do normalize discussing Mental health

  • How do we create spaces for discussions

  • What role can masjids and third spaces play

  • How to establish an open dialog with our kids

  • Advice and Tips for sisters who want to enter this career path

Saadia Provides Individual, Family, Couple and Group Therapy in person and online here is her contact info



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