Episode 55: SNABPI Conference 2019 Fuad Saif shares a part of his Pilot Surviving the Cycle

Thumbnail photo credit : Abdullahi Hassan for SNABPI

Thumbnail photo credit : Abdullahi Hassan for SNABPI

Fuad Saif is a Cyber Security Consultant by day, and by night an aspiring writer looking to illustrate his life stories and experiences through writing and film. Having grown up in Egypt, Kenya, and the US, his travels have helped shaped his outlook on life and encouraged him to put his observant nature into action. Dealing with life’s many struggles can be quite hectic, and when he’s not at work halting cyber threats, he is building his craft and uses writing as a much needed therapeutic outlet. It’s provided him with a newfound hobby that can inspire others to rekindle the love for literature and the worlds original form of entertainment in today’s ultra-tech word. His pen name is Homegrown Immigrant and his pieces currently attract tens of thousands of visitors monthly.

speaker biography courtesy of SNABPI and Thumbnail photo credit : Abdullahi Hassan for SNABPI


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