Episode 53: SNABPI Conference 2019: How to leave a legacy using your skills, talents and blessings with Sh. Abdirahman Kariye.

Speaker biography courtesy of SNABPI and thumbnail photo credit : Abdullahi Hassan for SNABPI

Speaker biography courtesy of SNABPI and thumbnail photo credit : Abdullahi Hassan for SNABPI

In this session Sh. Kariye spoke about the need for us to use our blessing and leave a legacy in your community.

Sh. Abdirahman Kariye was born in Somalia & came to Seattle, WA at a very young age. Growing up he was never exposed to active community organizations that catered to youth with an emphasis on East African youth; a luxury he didn't grow up with but continues to ensure it blossoms for the generations to come.

Abdirahman Kariye began studying the sacred sciences of Islam after his high school graduation when he traveled to Egypt, for the next 3 1/2 years he went on to study the Islamic sciences which include Arabic, Tafsir, Hadith, Aqidah, and Fiqh. He graduated with an Arabic Diploma from Al-Kalima Institute and earned an Islamic diploma in Sharia from Al-Furqaan.

Having studied under senior ulama from Egypt and Somalia and receiving ijazah from them, he went on to teach at various Islamic centers in the Seattle surrounding area.

Abdirahman is a significant mentor to the youth and community at large, he is constantly trying to keep up with how he can improve and progress the state of our community at large. He is currently pursuing a degree in education. Being trilingual has permitted him to work with youth from diverse backgrounds. Abdirahman is extremely passionate about ensuring that our youth gain remarkable leadership skills.

Currently, Abdirahman Kariye works as the Regional Coordinator For Helping Hand USA and Religious Director at the Islamic Center of Bothell.

photo and speaker biography courtesy of SNABPI