The First Muslim Women's Day

Today is Muslim Women’s Day, and it is a time to share the stories, work, and the achievements of Muslim women. So where better than to start with the woman who inspired me to always keep learning and growing? I was raised by an amazing woman who always encouraged us to do our best in all the parts of our lives. I remember from a young age that my mother didn't let an opportunity to do good pass by, nor did she give up on her own personal growth because she was a wife or mother. She always looked for ways to improve her life, whether it was helping at the masjid, helping her family and friends, or furthering her secular and Islamic education. This is a women who went back to school while having 6 kids, did all the work that comes along with that, and still graduated right when baby number 7 was due. Whenever I felt discouraged or lazy she would always say Fousia Hoyoo, you can do anything if you just try.

Now I am a stay at home mom with four kids of my own. After having a few kids, I decided that as hard and time consuming it was to parent, that I also needed to figure what i was going to do when all my kids start school. So in an effort to find that out I decided to start a podcast called Naptime Is Sacred because really thats the only time i would get to work on anything. On the podcast I interview Muslim women who started a business, were leaders in communities, had great jobs that made a difference, and SAHM moms who really rose to the challenge and knocked being a stay at home mom right out of the park.

Prior to starting the podcast I had no previous experience in broadcasting, interviewing, or story-telling. Since then i have learned so much and currently also co-host an online radio show on called Bolder Than Sriracha where we try to raise thought-provoking issues that aren’t often discussed in our communities.

If it wasn’t for the great example my mother set, I wouldn’t have had the drive or motivation to continue to find things that bring me joy and personal growth even when i’m busy raising my family.

Use the hashtag #muslimwomensday to share your work, or that of other Muslim women and keep shining the light on all the positive Muslim women in our lives and to inspire younger generations of women keep improving their lives and that of their community.