New Years Tips For Goal Setting And Overcoming Failure


  Everyone experiences failures. The challenge is to learn lessons from those experiences instead of letting ourselves be defined by them.

Agonizing over every detail of my failures have, at times, paralyzed me from doing even the things I knew I was good at.

You will never be the

Perfect Believer,




Business Women,



Perfection is an aspiration that never comes because we are humans. Give yourself a break. Work hard, have fun and enjoy life.

The new year is around the corner and it is a good opportunity to reflect. What can you work at? What have you done this year that you loved and excelled at?

Once you identify your goals for the upcoming year, here are three things to look at: 1. Identify the WHY? 2. Identify the first action item you will complete 3. Keep Score of your success

For more details, check out my YouTube Video on Goal Setting.

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