Dear Laundry, I HATE YOU


Growing up I never really had a problem with laundry, My mother did it all when we were younger and when we became old enough old we(the big kids) had days, than later on my brother became the defacto laundry man. He did the whole houses laundry and everyone put away their own clothes. Now that I have my own kids, laundry is kicking my butt! At any given time there is a full hamper of dirty clothes in the laundry room, ok I lied  sometimes more like 2 or 3 hampers. So will I ever get a handle on the laundry? thats the million dollar question. But one of the things that has helped has been sorting the clothes, if I separate all the kids clothes and our clothes its easier to put them away later.

I've read tons of stuff on how to organize the laundry, the most effective routines but i'm still struggling. I'm going to try to at least do 1-2 loads a day, if only there was a magic fairy that came and did the laundry, I wouldn't even ask for a coin under my pillow.