Co-Sleeping: Different Strokes For Different Folks


Some of you might have seen the story circulating the web about the family of seven that shares a family bed they made using ikea furniture. Like ALL things parenting related it has ignited yet another debate about co-sleeping, with your kids. Its no ones place to judge them . I am all for anything that helps a parent sleep so if having all 5 of your kids in the same room as you helps you sleep than why not? Go for it. Co-sleeping takes many forms. It could be:

  1. Sharing a bed with your child,
  2. A mattress on the floor for the child,
  3. Attaching a co-sleeper or a drop down crib to your bed,
  4. Having a crib or bed in your room but separate from your bed,
  5. Making a family bed that fits all your needs like the family in the story did.

As a sleep deprived parent there are nights when bedtime would go so much smoother if I just threw some blankets and pillows down on my bedroom floor and let my 3 older kids sleep. In fact on a couple of rare occasions when we had an over night guest or when my husband used to travel and my kids would somehow all end up in my room.

I believe that you can parent your kids however you choose as long as you are being safe. Please keep in mind that the American Pediatrics Associations recommends against bed sharing with infants, due to the risk of death. That being said, historically parents have been co-sleeping with their kids since the beginning of time many cultures all over the world still do.

Here are few tips on how to safely co-sleep with your kids.