My Favorite Podcasts in Honor of International Podcast Day

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Today is international Podcast Day - YAY!!

I started the Naptime is Sacred podcast a few years ago to share stories of Muslim women that we otherwise wouldn’t hear.

The mission of Naptime is Sacred is to motivate and inspire busy women to take time to pursue their own interests, passions, and personal growth - while at the same time letting our voices and experiences speak for us, and not the stereotypes people are used to hearing.

It has featured guests such as Yvonne Maffei from my Halal Kitchen and Zehra Allibhai from The FitNest. Many Muslimah authors have been on such as Shoohada Khanom, Amran Abdi and Rahma Rodaah. We are proud to have covered a number of diverse topics like Muslim women In S.T.E.M.,  addictions, advocating for Muslims with special needs, domestic violence, entrepreneurship, divorce, health, and much more.

The best way to support the podcast is by subscribing in iTunes, and leaving a review to help other people find it.

Since it is International Podcast Day, I also wanted to highlight some other podcasts I enjoy listening to.

The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast, is comedic podcast that really makes me laugh through some of the craziness that’s out here in the world instead of crying. It is hosted by a hilarious couple named Rod and Karen. They’ve had me laughing all the way to work and back with their commentary on everything from their Segment Guess the race, to a new one where they share stories of crazy brides and their wedding shenanigans. 

Serial. I started listening to The Adnan Syed Story because my husband got hooked and wanted us to listen together. Sarah Koenig has a really special way method of storytelling that keeps you coming back or more.

The Nod: If you haven’t listened to the Nod you’re missing out. Brittany Luse and Eric Eddings are two friends who share stories of blackness that you won’t hear anywhere else. They have great guests and really know how to keep you entertained and educated.  Did you know Josephine Baker to create a utopia filled with kids she adopted from different countries? Me neither, at until Eric and Brittany share her story.

The Chai: These girls are smart, hilarious, and tuned into the pulse of what it means to be young and black.  Arafa, Nuura, and Naeema have great banter and their guests fit right in with them. The last one I listened to was on how to become financially smart in today’s society, especially when everything is different from our parents’ generation.

Pod Save America: All these guys worked in the Obama Administration and In this crazy post-November-2016 world we’re living in, this podcast shares their perspective of what’s going on and how abnormal this all is. 

Qalam Podcast: Thanks to podcasts we no longer have to take a CD set of Seerah with us. One of the biggest series in Qalams Podcast is the Seerah. It will take you time to get through all the episodes but its so worth it to be able to learn about the Prophet’s (saw) life virtually anywhere you go or whatever your doing at home.

Note To Self Is a podcast about how digital life has changed us. It looks at what’s working great and what’s down-right scary. This podcast really makes me think about what kind of digital foot print of I'm leaving and how it could come back to bite me later.

Let me know in the comments which podcasts are your favorite to listen to

Omar Usman